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Home Security Alarm Systems Perth

Property damage and dwelling theft are the most reported crimes across Western Australia. As you leave your home unprotected, your home can be at the risk of being vandalized or burglarized. In addition to the overall damage to the property, the crimes also pose a major threat to the physical safety of your home. 

Protect your home, business and family with an security alarm systems installed by Core Tech Security in Perth. With Alarm systems that offer much more than a traditional alarm system feel in control even when you are not home. An easy to use smartphone app allows you to control the Alarm system remotely and receive notifications regarding its status. Contact us today and protect your house and business with a fully Installed Burglar & home Alarm Systems.

The iRisco smartphone app is a powerful tool for your home and business allowing you to monitor the status 24/7

With the iRisco smartphone app security is now in your hands. The app allows you too arm and disarm the the Alarm system remotely from anywhere, we can configure the system to open and close the garage door and include a panic button on the app to force activate the sirens. Receive real time notifications in an alarm event keeping you in control 24/7

Home alarm systems perth
Alarm systems perth
Alarm monitoring

Cutting-edge Security Alarm Systems Perth

Secure your home and business today with the help of our innovative home alarm systems Perth. Whether you are in search of a standard home alarm system for your Perth residence or a security alarm & monitoring system for your business, Coretech Security offers advice on a wide range of smart alarm systems. Drawing upon ample industry experience, we supply and install top-notch security and monitoring systems to business and homeowners across Western Australia. Thus, you can rely upon Coretech Security for all your security needs!

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Our alarm systems panels include

Monitored Home Alarm Systems with App Control

We include seamless app access to the security systems we install for your home or business. Did you ever drive down the road to think, “Did I turn on the home alarm system?” to drive back and check the same? 

With the overall ease of app control by our home alarm systems in Perth, you can simply go through your smartphone and see whether or not the alarm is switched on. At Coretech Security, we are committed to saving you time while maximizing your home security. Give us a call right away to know what is the best possible home security solution for you!

"Quality detectors that exceed industry standards"

We offer a wide range of professional indoor and outdoor detectors which exceed industry standards. The correct detector installed in the right location will offer increased reliability and false alarm immunity.

Core Tech has a friendly and professional sales team ready to assist you with your security requirements. To receive your obligation-free quote and discuss your home or business’s electronic security needs, contact Core Tech Security today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Alarm Sytems Perth

Security alarm systems in Perth are an effective line of defence that keeps your home or business protected. With burglar and intrusion detection or fire alarms, you can always keep your property safe even when you are outside the home. The alarm system can be easily synced to smart devices, allowing easy monitoring and access. The home or business owner can also arm or disarm the system remotely, based on the severity of an incident. Therefore, it is a wise idea to install an alarm system in your home or at the office.

Alarm systems in Perth have evolved over the years. Different types of alarm systems are available in the market. Coretech Security offers much more than a traditional alarm system. It also provides a free smartphone app that is compatible with Android and iOS platforms. It enables homeowners to remotely monitor the alarm system and receive notifications regarding its status. The alarm system can also be configured to open and close garage doors, use a panic button to activate sirens and also provides real-time notifications to keep the homeowner up-to-date with the security situation. 

A security system secures entry points to a property with the help of sensors that directly communicate with a central command centre. The control panel can either be located within the home or external agencies can be hired to provide round the clock security surveillance to properties. The control panel has a touchpad for simple operation and pass codes need to be entered here to arm or disarm alarms. Voice commands can also be programmed for some security systems. Motion sensors and other types of sensors for intruder detection, fire or smoke are installed as a part of the security system. Alongside, CCTV cameras are installed in different places to create comprehensive home security systems. All these systems are synced with each other and in case of untoward incidents, alarms are triggered to notify people.  

Wired home security alarms in Perth utilise a network of wires to communicate information to and from the control panel. All the pieces of the security system, including cameras and sensors are connected through wires. A hardwired system is best for bigger houses as a large area can be easily covered without network issues faced in wireless communication. Since the parts of the security system will utilise actual wires to communicate, interferences, network outage issues and false alarms can be avoided.

Alternatively, a wireless set gives more flexibility to users. Nobody can nip of a few wires and intrude into your property. Besides, it is easier to set up and wireless security systems can be easily synced with smart devices, offering better control of the security situation even when people are away from homes or offices. 

The cost of alarm systems in Perth depends on the kind of features you choose. Sophisticated systems that can be incorporated with smart homes generally cost more than the ordinary systems that consist of a few CCTV cameras and a basic alarm. Coretech Security offers cost-effective alarm systems that can be customised to individual needs. Get in touch with the experts to discuss your security needs.  

In case of prolonged power cuts, a back-up battery will keep the security system active. It has the capacity to operate for several hours in the absence of power. Real-time notifications for low battery is also provided to alert homeowners and to remind them about charging batteries, when required.  

If you want to install a security system at home or at the business premise, there is generally no need for an alarm permit. However, if you want alarms based on emergency response features or want remote monitoring options, local government rules must be checked. With professional service providers like Coretech Security, you don’t have to worry about these issues. The team will take care of regulatory needs during the installation procedure. 

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