Differences between a Home Alarm System and a Business Alarm System

Alarm systems are normally put in one broad category, but in essence, there are two types of alarm systems. The first is home alarm systems also known as residential alarm systems and the other is business alarm systems also known as commercial alarm systems. These two kinds of alarm systems have always been different but some of their features have begun to merge over time. Burglar alarm solutions differ depending on the nature and the needs of the purchaser of the alarm system. Here are some of the differences between the business alarm systems and the home alarm systems
Business security alarm systems are more complex than home security alarm systems

Security both for the home and the commercial premises is important, and there is no doubt that business alarm systems Perth are more complex than home alarm systems. Depending on the goods or services offered, business premises tend to be more attractive to burglars in comparison to home premises. There is therefore need to have alarm systems that offer higher security at commercial centers as compared to residential properties. Business alarm systems are comprehensive and advanced in features. An example is where a business premises would need more alarm systems as compared to a home.

Home and Business Alarm Systems


The needs of a business alarm system may also vary depending on the location of the business premises. If the business is in an area that is not safe and has high crime rates, then there will be need to have safety measures that are higher to maintain security. One of these measures may be to have more high quality alarm systems for your business premises.

Locating the alarm system

One major difference between home alarm systems and business alarm systems is on the location of the alarm system within the premises. Home owners can place alarm systems Perth anywhere within their premises as they see fit. Home alarm systems Perth are also small and discrete and can be placed anywhere without drawing attention to themselves. These alarm systems can also be placed in a way that blends into the design and deco of a home. Businesses on the other hand, have alarm systems that are clearly visible and have to be placed in strategic locations around the business premises.
Certification on the alarm system

A key difference that exists between home alarm systems and business alarm systems Perth is when it comes to the certification. A certified alarm system Perth is one that is suitable for small applications such as small offices and retail stores. They can also be used for high end applications such as for banks and airports. Business alarm systems are usually certified, but home alarm systems are not.
Cost differences

When it comes to differentiating a home alarm system and a business alarm system, then costs are a key difference. A business security system is more complex and comprehensive in comparison to a home alarm system. This makes them more costly than the home alarm systems. The cost varies depending on the features of the alarm system and the areas being monitored. There are some additional features that a business alarm system will need that a home security system may not need such as water monitoring, control monitoring, temperature monitoring, video monitoring and others. Sensors such as shock sensors on windows, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide sensors may also be added to a business premises. To have these additional features means a higher cost for the commercial alarm system.
What you should consider when getting an alarm system

There are many features that a home owner or a business owner may utilize so as to be relevant in offering security to their premises. Here are some of the factors that one should consider when getting an alarm system for either residential or commercial purposes. You may have specific requirements and needs that will determine the kind of alarm systems Perth that you purchase.
Property size

The first thing you should take into consideration when buying a burglar alarm system is the size of your home or business facility. You should look at the number of windows, doors and rooms that you have in the building when installing the alarm system Perth.
Your budget

Your budget will also act as a guide for the kind of alarm system that you will buy for your home and your business. Depending on your budget, go for the latest technology so that it will not be easy for burglars to crack it.
What do you expect from the alarm system?

Your needs and wants will also be a determinant for the kind of alarm system that you want for your premises. Some individuals might opt to have alarm systems in specific places while others may want a more comprehensive system. Think through what you want out of an alarm system to be able to get the right fit for you.
Purchase the alarm system from a trusted provider

Getting the right providers of alarm systems is essential to guarantee the quality and the functionality of the alarm system you purchase for either your home or your business. Customer service is important and you can check the reviews of the company you want to purchase from to ensure that it is reliable and trustworthy. Core Tech Security Perth is one such company that you can rely on to get you the right alarm systems to suit your needs.

An alarm system Perth is meant to give you peace of mind when you are either inside or outside your premises, knowing that your valuables are safe and secure. Having an efficient alarm system that is well maintained is essential to reducing the risk of burglary in your premises. Getting an alarm system may be expensive, but it is a long term commitment that will be worth it in the long run. At Core Tech Security Perth, we offer both home and business alarm systems Perth that will be sure to keep your commercial or residential property secure. Visit us for high quality systems that are effective on securing your home and business.


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