Home Security Checklist

A home security checklist is a tool that is very useful in ensuring the safety of your home. You should definitely invest in home security systems for your home, but other than that, there are other ways you can make sure that your home is safe. Here are some of the basic things that will generally make your home more secure. With every ‘yes’ you tick your home becomes more burglar-proof.

  1. Are all doors and windows equipped with adequate locks, including garage and shed doors?

Burglary is more likely to happen if your door is not strong enough to keep burglars off. Fitting the doors to your house and garage with steel bolts and proper locks is the first step towards securing your home. Sliding doors are easy to access points since many people leave them open or unlocked. Make sure that you lock your sliding doors and you can even add a secondary locking mechanism just to be safer.

  1. Are gates kept locked when not in use?

Some of the top entry pints for burglars is the gate to thee backyard. Keep the gates to your home locked, especially when you are away from home and at night. This significantly reduces the risks of a burglary happening at your home.

  1. Are shrubs trimmed to eliminate hiding places?

A burglar will always try to find a nice place to hide or a way to get into your home unnoticed. Shrubs that are overgrown give them these opportunities to hide as they can conceal themselves from you and the neighbours using the shrubs. Regularly trim your shrubs to get rid of these potential hiding places.

  1. Do you have security sensor lights on the exterior of your home?

A dark place around or near your home will be the ultimate pathway or entrance point for a burglar. Surround your home with lights to make sure that any burglar roaming around can be spotted. Security sensor lights are some of the best ways to keep your home illuminated as they light up when triggered by sudden movement. 

  1. Is there a peephole in your main door?

Can you see who is at the door before your open it? If you can’t, then you need to improve your security by getting a peephole. Find a door that has a peephole so that you can see who is on the other side trying to get access to your premises. If you have a door that doesn’t have a peephole, then you can get installation of a peephole done on your door white people easily. The best peepholes on your front door are the wide angle peep holes.

  1. Do you have automatic timing switches for lights/Tv/radio?

Automatic timing switches help improve the security of your home by scaring off a burglar. When you are away from home these automatic switches will give the impression that you are around and keep burglars away.

  1. Do you have a safe for your valuables?

A safe is always a good idea, especially when you have highly valuable items that you would not lie to lose to burglars. The best way to keep your items is to keep them in a place that cannot be accessed easily, and a safe or a safety box is just the right place. .

  1. Are valuables engraved or marked for identification?

Having your items engraved or marked to show they are yours will help identify then should they get stolen. Burglars might also stay away from these items since they are marked.

  1. Have serial numbers been recorded?

Keeping a record of serial numbers is an important way to protect your assets, especially when it comes to electronic equipment. They help identify your items easily.

  1. Have you removed any keys hidden outside?

If you leave your key to your house under the mat, then you are simply making the burglars work easier because that is the first place that they will look. If you need to have a spare key around, you can leave it with a trusted neighbour or a relative. Also make sure that if someone owned the apartment you stay in before you, rekey your house because they might still have access to the door locks. Rekeying is much easier than changing all the locks.

  1. Do you have a security alarm?

Home security alarm system providers in perth like Core Tech Security can offer you with some alarm systems that will help you keep your home secure. Home alarm systems perth notify you when there is an intruder trying to access your home which means that you can take the necessary measures to protect your premises.

  1. Do you have a dog?

Dogs make some of the most adorable pets, but they also come in handy when it comes to your home security. A dog will bark when they see an intruder and this will scare off any burglar.

  1. Is your pet door properly secured when not in use?

You may lock all your doors and windows, but if you do not keep the pet door secured and locked, then burglars can use this to access your home. The same goes for mail slots and dryer vents. Have a mechanism that can block out these entry points from burglars.

  1. Are you a member of neighbourhood Watch?

Having good neighbours is a great thing since you get to look out for each other. If there is any suspicious activity in your home, good neighbours will notify you and help you keep a keen eye. Knowing your neighbours and working with them to keep the neighbourhood safe and secure is important for the security of your own home.

  1. Is your house number clearly visible from the street?

Unfortunately, emergencies sometimes happen and we need to make sure that we have put in measures that will ensure a prompt response. Having a house number that is visible from the street makes it easier for either paramedics or police to find the house should something happen. Make sure your house numbers does not fade out or get obstructed.

Core Tech Security is a trusted security provider in Perth and its surroundings. We provide CCTV Security Cameras Installation, Alarm System Installation, Wireless Security Solutions, and Intercom System Installation.


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