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Control Who Enters Your Property With a Fully Installed Intercom System

Intercoms are a great way to manage who comes and goes from your home or business; they allow you to visually confirm who requests access, and with two-way audio, you can speak with them in real-time. Indoor touch screens allow you to answer the door from your living room. 

Coretech security brings the revolution of advanced home security with the help of our comprehensive Byford intercom systems installation. 

With the installation of the revolutionary Intercom systems, you can screen visitors without opening the door or leaving the comfort of your home. Our ultra-reliable and advanced video intercom systems Byford enhance the security of your property seamlessly. Contact us now to know more! 

At Coretech Security, we provide top-quality intercom installation Byford for domestic and commercial clients across Western Australia. Our intercom systems are available with a wide range of built-in failsafe systems to ensure that nobody can bypass your property and its security enhancements. 

Fully Installed Intercom System - Core tech security
Fully Installed Intercom System perth

Get Notifications When Your Away From Home

Your phone is a powerful tool that keeps you in control of your security 24/7. With the latest technology and our phone app, you can answer your door remotely. Get push notifications for calls or motion, use two-way audio, and see live video to confirm visitors. 

Get security notification on your phone
Get security notification
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Intercom Installation Byford

Depending on the solution you select for your home, our video intercom solutions are available with either 2 or 4 monitors of 7 inches. These monitors can be installed across the property easily under the guidance of our security experts. We can also include more monitors in the video security system if required. 

Whether you wish to safeguard your home & family from intruders or protect your business assets from potential burglars, our innovative Byford intercom systems installation has you covered. Learn more about our Intercom installation Byford services and the wide range of cutting-edge intercom systems by calling us today. Our expert team of property security specialists in Byford will visit your premises to let you know how you can maximise security with the help of our budget-friendly security enhancements. 

Leading brands like Dahua and Hikvision are our chosen intercoms, giving you the latest features and security. A fully installed Intercom installation Byford from Core Tech Security will give your family the added security of knowing who is at the front door before you open it. We can integrate the Intercom into the same app we use for CCTV, keeping things user-friendly and easy to use. 

Core Tech has a friendly and professional sales team ready to assist you with your security requirements. To receive your obligation-free quote and discuss your home or business’s electronic security needs, contact Core Tech today.

Introduction to 2nd Generation IP Video Intercom System

Watch this video to see how our 2nd Generation IP Video Intercom System offers an easier and more efficient video entry solution.

Top Features of Our Advanced Intercom Security Systems​

Are you searching for an advanced video intercom system for your home in Byford? Here are some top-class features of our revolutionary home-based intercom systems for upgraded security:

  • Remote Monitoring: You can view the individual who tries to access your property with the help of high-definition, top-performing monitors.
  • SOS Emergency Button: With our advanced intercom systems, you can also notify emergency centers or services of any type of foul play right away with a single press of the button.
  • Weatherproof Door Intercom Station: We feature the specialised version of an aluminium-based door intercom station with a wall-mounted rain shield. The unit is also available with a high-definition camera, delivering an impressive viewing angle of 110 degrees. Our door intercom stations are also IP55-rated for maximising weather resistance.
  • Communication Between Monitors: You can talk to colleagues or friends with the help of easy-to-use and manage intercom monitors.
  • Single-press Door Unlocking: Ensure entry to guests at your home with the single tap on the screen.
  • Hands-free Communication: Our advanced intercom systems feature hands-free functionality. Therefore, the entire unit is relatively straightforward to operate.
  • Volume Adjustment: Set different volumes for intercom calls based on different day timings. As such, nothing will prevent you from enjoying ultimate peace of mind.
  • Built-in Picture Memory: The HD camera at the door panel of the intercom door can automatically capture visitors’ images as they press the ‘call’ button.

Benefits of Coretech Security’s Intercom Installations Byford

CoreTech Security’s Intercom Installations Byford offer a wide range of benefits, including:

✓    Enhanced Security

          Core Tech Security’s Byford intercom system installation enhances security by verifying visitors before granting access.

✓    Total Peace of Mind

          Provides a sense of security, knowing you can monitor and control access to your property, even when you’re not there.

✓    Emergency Assistance

          Offers a quick and direct way to call for emergency help in case of any security or medical issues.

✓    Improved Communication

          Intercom Installations Byford enables clear and instant communication with visitors, delivery personnel, and guests.

✓    Visitor Monitoring

          Keeps a record of visitors and missed calls, enhancing surveillance and accountability.

✓    Convenience

          Allows for remote unlocking or locking of doors, making managing access to your property more accessible.

✓    Access Control

          Intercom Installations Byford gives you the power to decide who can enter your premises, adding control and privacy.

✓    Delivery Management

          Enables you to accept deliveries when you’re away, preventing missed packages.

✓    Smartphone Integration

          Integrates with your smartphone, making it convenient to manage your intercom system from anywhere.

✓    Modern Convenience

          Intercom Installations Byford adds a modern touch to your property, increasing its value and appeal.

These benefits collectively contribute to a safer, more convenient, and technologically advanced security system for your home or business. 

At Coretech Security, we have developed an advanced range of intercom systems for boosting the security of your Byford property while ensuring straightforward communication. When the intercom systems we offer are installed with other security enhancements like home alarm and CCTV solutions, ensure that your property is virtually impenetrable. Contact us now to know more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Intercoms & Access Control Byford
Byford intercom systems installations are equipped with access control. It helps to secure the property with a fully functional intercom system that helps to track people entering and exiting your home or business. It allows you to visually check who is asking for access. The two-way audio allows the visitor to speak to you in real time. You can also check the video feed to identify the person. In addition, the access control system is equipped with touch screens that are installed indoors. It allows home and business owners to answer a visitor from the safety of the living room without even stepping out of the safety zone.  

Access control is offered as part of intercom installation in Perth. It can be used for residential and commercial properties to prevent the entry of visitors. Large estates also use these surveillance techniques to enhance safety measures. An electronic system increases control over the property, assuring maximum safety of people as well as the property.

Primarily, three types of access control models are available. Discretionary Access Control (DAC), Mandatory Access Control (MAC), Role Based Access Control (RBAC). DAC is the simplest access control form and gives all users access permission. As a result, this is not recommended for commercial buildings. 

Organisations that need to maintain high confidentiality and security standards must resort to MAC. In this case, an individual is authorised permission to assign access guidelines to others in the organisation. The administrator, such as the Chief Security Officer, has the sole discretion to provide security clearance. 

RBAC is a user-friendly access control system that assigns security clearance to individuals based on their organisational responsibilities and roles. For example, security advisors may be given complete control of the building, while contractors or other employees may be given permission for access in certain sections. 

Intercom systems can be easily monitored remotely. Coretech Security provides a free smartphone app that provides real-time notifications to the user. It allows people to be in complete control of their security requirements 24/7. The two-way live audio and video feed helps users to confirm access requests even when they are away from home. 

Video intercom systems from leading brands such as Hikvision and Dahua are equipped with advanced features and ensure maximum security of the access control system. A comprehensive intercom system helps to integrate the CCTVs into your property and provides a simpler and user-friendly access control system. The most secure access control systems also have biometric door readers, smart locks, swipe cards, keypad readers, etc. Depending on your security needs, server, web, or cloud-based control systems are available. 

There are certain pros and cons of wired as well as wireless intercom systems. While wired systems consist of hardwired security components, wireless systems depend on networks to communicate. A wired connection operates as long as power supplies are available and may be difficult to operate during prolonged power cuts. Besides, wired communication can be disrupted if any wires are tripped. Modern home and business owners prefer Wireless Intercom systems. Due to the added layers of protection offered by a sophisticated wireless system, security concerns can be minimised. It not only helps people to monitor properties remotely and offer access from a distance, but it also helps to generate live feeds that can be checked round the clock. In some cases, the wireless systems are managed by professional security agencies that offer seamless service and ensure complete peace of mind.

Perth intercom systems installationcan be customised to individual requirements. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Therefore, you need to answer a few questions before choosing the right intercom system. If you require an intercom system that will be integrated with the access control system, its requirements will be different. Advanced intercom systems have several advanced features that are completely integrated with access control systems that help supervise property safety, open and close doors, offer access to visitors, and support video surveillance. 

In addition, intercom systems for outdoor and indoor use have separate features. So, you need to choose an appropriate system based on where you are about to install it. Larger offices or commercial spaces also have stringent security requirements. On the contrary, homes can make use of simpler intercom systems. Therefore, you need to consider these points before selecting a system for your property.

The cost of intercom systems varies, depending on the kind of features you choose. Sophisticated systems with advanced functions are generally more expensive than the simpler ones. Coretech Security is dedicated to providing cost-effective security solutions to its clients. For any queries, contact the company and get a free quote based on your service requirements. 

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