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Maximise Your Home Security with CoreTech Smart Wiring in Perth

Secure your home and maximise your property’s potential with our state-of-the-art smart wiring services in Perth. We offer a professional, tailored approach to connectivity and security, ensuring your space is well-equipped and safe.

At CoreTech Security, we’re smart wiring experts, designing tailored solutions to meet your individual needs. Our dedicated team of skilled technicians are well-equipped to handle all types of smart wiring requirements, whether for single-storey buildings or complete villas; we have the expertise and resources to handle any smart wiring project.

Keep recording when the power goes out

Smart wiring is a technology that integrates all of your home’s electrical and electronic systems into a single network.

Smart Wiring Perth
smart wiring installers perth
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Key Benefits of Smart Wiring Your Home

✓ Enhanced Connectivity

Smart wiring provides reliable and high-speed connectivity for data, audio, video, and other services throughout your home.

✓ Improved Security

Integrated security systems, including cameras, sensors, and alarms, can be monitored and controlled remotely, enhancing your home’s security.

✓ Convenience & Automation

You can control various aspects of your home environment, such as lighting, heating, and security, from a central hub or mobile device.

✓ Centralises Your Cable & Devices to a Single Location

This ensures that everything is organised and easily accessible. With smart wiring, you no longer have to deal with messy and tangled cables running throughout your home. Instead, all your devices can be connected to a central hub, making it easier for you to control and manage them.

✓ Energy Efficient

Smart wiring enables intelligent control of energy-consuming systems, saving energy and reducing utility costs.

✓ Future-Proofing

Smart wiring systems are designed to be adaptable and can accommodate new technologies and devices, ensuring that your home remains up-to-date and competitive in the digital age.

In terms of home security, smart wiring Perth offers numerous advantages. It enables all your security features to work seamlessly together, enabling you to monitor your home from a single device. Additionally, smart wiring provides remote security system control, ensuring peace of mind when you’re away.

Our security installations can also be complemented with a Data Rack that includes lockable doors restricting access and increasing the system’s security.

Continual Uninterrupted Surveillance in Power Outages

One of the greatest advantages of our smart wiring is that we offer Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS) to keep your system running during power outages. The UPS powers CCTV, Intercom, and your modem.  This guarantees uninterrupted service, even if an intruder cuts the power at the switchboard.

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Wall-Mounted Monitors

A wall-mounted screen in your kitchen or living area is an ideal way to view the CCTV cameras, offering cable-free operation with a wireless mouse. Please enquire about our wall-mounted monitor options with our friendly team.

Smart Wiring of Wall Mounted moniter
Wall mounted monitor options & wiring
smart home electrical system
home smart wiring systems

Continual Uninterrupted Surveillance in Power Outages

One of the greatest advantages of our smart wiring is that we offer Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS) to keep your system running during power outages. The UPS powers CCTV, Intercom, and your modem.  This guarantees uninterrupted service, even if an intruder cuts the power at the switchboard.

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Using a modulator to view cameras on multiple TVs through existing TV cabling offers several benefits:

✓ Allows for easy configuration of presets for MATV networks, including a selection of both Foxtel and regular channel options.

✓ Reduces latency for better remote control; low latency mode reduces the lag between the IR remote control and the projected image by minimising the time delay between input video and output service.

✓ Allows for easy customisation of settings output channel, LCN, service name, ONID, SID, and TSID from the menu.

Modulators - Core tech security

As one of Perth’s leading smart wiring specialists, we can also help with:

  • Installing underground cables from the property boundary to your house.
  • Running conduit for concealing TV unit cables
  • Setting up your dream tech-oriented smart home systems.

For expert guidance on all smart wiring solutions, contact CoreTech Security where we can help with the following:

So, whether you’re looking for a complete smart wiring home security solution, or simply need assistance with upgrading your existing system, contact Coretech Security, where our friendly and professional sales team is here to help you with your security needs.

Get a free quote and discuss your home or business electronic security requirements by reaching out to CoreTech today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Smart Wiring Perth

A smart wiring system integrates different types of wires under a single platform. This helps to combine varied home security, smart home systems and sensors on a common platform. It includes wiring for security systems, lighting, home entertainment, internet communication and audio-visual systems. 

Smart wiring in Perth is quite popular because of the numerous benefits it offers. Its biggest advantage is the ability to perform varied functions remotely. Smart wiring enables users to keep a tab on lights, fans, media, security devices or other communication systems even when they are away. With the help of a remote control or smartphone app, it allows homeowners to switch on or off systems at their convenience. It also helps to maximise home security by incorporating access control and surveillances systems under an integrated platform. It also provides security alerts through notifications. Besides, new devices can be easily integrated into the smart home system with the help of smart wiring. Whether the user wants to replace old devices or add new ones, they can be seamlessly integrated into the system. It, therefore, adds a lot of convenience to operate devices within the home. 

For home automation systems to operate seamlessly, you need to adopt smart wiring. It not only integrates various functions under a single platform, it also makes life easier and gives users greater control of their devices. It is also essential for maintaining the security of homes or businesses. With the ability to operate remotely, security systems can function efficiently. Being an extremely flexible wiring system, it can be used by phones, computers, audio-visual devices, cables, connectors and home automation systems. 

While many smart home devices are wireless, certain appliances like refrigerators may need manual control. The smart wiring system can also incorporate such devices or appliances with smart controllers. Apart from these devices, lights, switches, security cameras, TVs, computers, fax machines doorbells, doorknobs, windows, smoke alarms, thermostats and other smart outlets need to be wired to the system. 

The prices for smart wiring homes may vary from one place to the other. Depending on the area of a property, smart wiring needs will change. Similarly, its cost will be based on the number of devices that need to be connected. The process is less expensive for new homes in comparison to older homes where a number of changes must be accommodated before making way for smart wiring. Coretech Security has the expertise to deliver the best smart wiring services at affordable rates. To get your quote, get in touch with the company now. 

Taking into consideration the numerous benefits it offers, smart wires are absolutely worthy. It is a fruitful investment for residential as well as commercial properties. Once installed, these prove to be extremely handy and remain functional for prolonged periods. With regular maintenance and upgrades of necessary software, smart wires can make home automation convenient and seamless. 

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