Best Places to Put Security Cameras in the Home

Best Places to Put Security Cameras in the Home

So, you’ve finally made up your mind to opt for safety home protection system to prevent crimes and thefts. But as you decide on purchasing security cameras for your residence, let an important fact get spoken!

Not every house is the same. So, there’s no one-size-fits-all location to install these cameras in your home. But before this post discusses the safe places to choose for security camera installation in Perth, let’s talk about its benefits. 

Outlining the Sound Role of Security Cameras in a Space

As a new homeowner, you might have a lot of questions revolving around your head. But, regardless of all your queries, the significance of adequate security measures for residential and commercial spaces can’t get stressed enough. And amidst a house’s sturdy doors, windows, and calling bells, cameras have become a safety essential.

The recordings can get used to monitor crime. In a nutshell, CCTV footages produce evidence applicable to courts too. And kudos to the technological revolutions – due to which the world has received advanced night vision cameras that easily capture movements outside the house. 

Choosing these products will help you stay sure of the security of your loved ones and yourself. For example, burglars remain cautious about properties featuring visible security cams. Another bonus is that these devices help gather the evidence when the crime occurs.

But despite working as a recovery and deterrent tool, homeowners almost find it challenging to spot the perfect corners where these can get installed. That gives a solid foundation to the prime objective of this post, i.e., to evaluate the best places where you can install these cameras inside and outside your home.

Where Should You Install Security Cameras In the House?

Here are the best places in your house to opt for the CCTV camera installation in Perth.

#1 The Main Door

main door alarm system

Thinking that intruders mostly sneak into the side entrances is a misconception. According to statistics, burglars mainly focus on front doors. However, that’s also the place where package thieves may strike.

So, opting for security camera installation in Perthat the entrance will keep tabs on everyone going and coming around the house. That includes your family members, delivery associates, and even babysitters. 

The best way to keep this area safe is by putting in an ornate video doorbell or alarm systems. You can also use it as a prime camera or even with other outdoor cams incorporated in your garage or yard.

#2 Side & Back Doors (If You Have)

Side & Back Doors

Your house may have doors that are out of your side. They give visitors an allowance to enter uninvited. You can keep this area secured by installing cameras. In such a way, you will have full knowledge of who enters and exits this space. 

#3 Driveway & Garage (External)

Burglars also target the garages as they are one of the most unsecured entry points. But how can a car owner keep this place unsecured? For this reason, you can keep a camera that points at the driveway or garage, thereby ensuring a watchful eye on tools, bikes, sports equipment, grills, and cars.

A CCTV cam will keep you connected via the security camera installer app if the garage remains detached. As for the attached garages, an additional layer of safety monitors possible entryway into the house. When there’s the gate at the driveway’s end, you can opt for an intercom system that spots that particular area.

#4 Garden or Yard 

Presuming that intruders won’t enter the garden area is just a misconception. How would you know what’s a burglar intends to do when they enter your residential space?

For this reason, it’s better to monitor your yard as well because that’s where your kids and pets play around! And you must capture activities happening around that space to prevent strangers from trespassing. 

#5 Common Areas (Internal Cams)

Common Areas

Even gathering points like your living rooms and the kitchen is a fantastic way to check what your kids are doing. More importantly, if you have a babysitter or a caregiving associate for seniors at home, it can keep you connected to their activities too! It also benefits you to monitor your pet’s activities via the respective security camera installer app.

You may also prioritise rooms that have ground-floor windows. That way, you may check whether anyone uses it as the break-in point or tampers with them.

#6 Hallway or Main Stairway

Install your CCTV camera in the thoroughfares inside the home. It will complicate someone’s task of moving around undetected. When someone breaks in through the bathroom or bedroom, they may get easily captured by the security system.

Additional Tips & Tweaks When Installing Cameras for the First Time

Upon deciding on the location, you can consider these tips and tweaks:

Strategies for Outdoor Installation

  • Install the camera 8 to 10 feet from the ground
  • Never point cameras at the sun directly
  • Decide what you want – hidden or visible cameras?
  • It’s better to choose cameras that are weather-proof and waterproof

Strategies for Indoor Installation

  • Choose the corners 
  • Don’t select windows for CCTV camera installation in Perth as they cause reflection issues
  • If you choose windows, position your lens close to the glass or the backlighting 
  • Choose an angle for the indirect light

With the aforementioned guidelines and selections, you can easily optimise the camera placement at your house for maximum visibility and function. If you’re confident about opting for a home security system for your house, get initial consultation from Core Tech Security.


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