Consider These Five Factors Before Choosing Professional CCTV Camera Installer

Do you travel to another city or country for business quite frequently? If so, how do you ensure the safety of your home in your absence? There has been a sudden rise in theft and burglary around residential properties and your house will not be an exception.

When your home is locked with no person on-premises for a long period, it can catch the eye of any burglar. And they will certainly find something valuable to steal from your house. How do you ensure that there is always someone keeping an eye out for your house?

Well, the answer is simple! You must install the latest CCTV camera systems on your property that constantly keeps an eye out for your house in Perth. The current CCTV camera systems are advanced and can be controlled from your mobile phones with an application.

You can always have a visual of your property on your phone when you want it. This is especially handy when you are miles away from your home and still want to maintain the safety of your property. If there is a security breach, you will be alerted immediately, and you can call the local police right away.

Even if the burglar is not caught at the moment, the CCTV camera will have clear footage of who the burglar was making it easier for officers on the scene to catch the culprit. With several other added benefits of CCTV camera systems, it becomes essential to get them installed on your property right away.

Now, you need to ensure that you choose the right CCTV camera system installer in your region. But how do you know that the choice of the installer you made is the right one? Here’s a simple guide detailing the factors that you must consider before choosing a CCTV camera installer in your region.

  • License

Before you choose a CCTV camera installer, you must ensure that they are a licensed company. The installer must have a security license number authorizing them to install a CCTV camera system and other security essentials at residential and commercial properties.

In Western Australia, this security license is issued by the WA Police or Police Licensing Services. This ensures that the installer is trained and vetted to install the CCTV security system. It also ensures that the installer uses the latest and high-quality security equipment for their customers. So, always make sure to ask the installer about their security license number.

  • Determining Your Security Needs

There are different types of CCTV security camera systems on the market. And your installer will also have different options for you to choose from. If the installer is experienced and professional, they will not let you choose any random camera system for your property.

Instead, they will determine your security needs based on your situation and property. They will also explain to you all the CCTV security cameras options they offer. The installer must ensure that you make the right choice of a CCTV camera system for your property.

  • Good Communication

Choose an installer that communicates with you. An installer that communicates with you promptly and efficiently will always be a good choice. This is important to ensure that you always have the professionals to answer your queries and your further security needs.

How can you understand whether the professional installer you choose is communicating openly with you? Just observe how they answer your questions during the phone call or in-person meeting. Do they hesitate to answer any critical or complicated questions? Do they respond to your requests and email promptly? Did they send you the quote or free estimate in the given time?

These few things will give a better idea of whether the installer is communicating with you efficiently.

  • Estimates and Site Survey

A professional and experienced CCTV camera installer will give you a detailed estimate of the job along with a site survey report. The site survey is important to determine the security needs of the customers. During the site survey, the professional installer will ask you about different entry points, the number of rooms, any extensions, and such details. This will help the installer to come up with the right security solution for your property.

Based on this, the professional installer must give a complete estimate of the job along with product descriptions for the CCTV systems that will be installed on your property. This is important so that you get a complete idea of how much you need to spend to make your property secure.

  • Design Proposal or Specification

A professional installer will give you a design proposal or specification map. This proposal or design specification will tell you which camera will go where along with the specification of each camera such as the size of lens, megapixels, number of cameras that will be attached to the DVR, day and night recording quality, capacity of hard drive, and more.

This proposal must be given to you before the CCTV installation. This gives you time to ask any questions you might have along with any changes you might want to make. This will make the complete process smooth and hassle-free for you

Several other factors that contribute to choosing the professional installer include the costs of the camera systems, reviews given by former customers, installation flexibility, insurance, customer services, warranty, and maintenance plans.

So, before you choose a professional CCTV camera installer for your property, make sure to keep these factors in your mind. This will help you to make an informed choice and give you satisfactory results.

You can also get in touch with us at Core Tech Security for high-quality CCTV camera installation services in Perth. We are committed to providing the best quality of security camera products along with installation services. Our professional, certified, and experienced team will ensure that your security needs are fulfilled efficiently giving you a seamless experience.

Apart from CCTV camera installation, we also offer alarm system installation, intercom system installation, and wireless security system installation. So, call us now to know more!


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