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What is CCTV?

CCTV, also known as closed-circuit television refers to a system that helps you keep track of what is happening in and around your home or business in real-time. CCTV cameras help you see what is happening as it happens, and you may also record footage for archiving or reference purposes.

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Why do I need CCTV?

CCTV systems are beneficial to a business or your home in various ways.

Crime deterrent – A CCTV camera is one of the best ways to scare off potential burglars who have been eyeing your premises. Just the sight of a camera is sometimes enough to keel off burglars and it keeps them off from invading your home or business.

Monitor activities – A CCTV system will help you monitor what is happening at your premises since you can see activities as they happen in real time. If you have CCTV camera systems installed at your business premises, you will be able to see exactly what your visitors and workers are doing while you are away. This makes it easier when it comes to supervising and it helps you km have peace of mind since you have some form of control over what happens while you’re not there physically.

Evidence collection – Sometimes crimes happen and the only way to find out who the culprit was is through the CCTV camera system. These systems record things as they happen and the footage can be used to find out exactly how things happened and who was responsible. It makes it far much easier to solve crimes, find suspects and piece together times and locations.

Decision making – There may be a dispute about how exactly something happened both in commercial and domestic scenarios. Referring to CCTV camera footage helps find out who is right and who is wrong, and therefore helps deal with feuds between employees, family disagreements and conflicts between customers and employees.

Record keeping – Record keeping, especially for a business is very important. Having a CCTV camera system helps you keep record of the number of customers visiting your business premises, the times employees check in and check out, as well as people who make deliveries and the times these deliveries are made.

How do I know if I’m choosing the right CCTV security System?

There are several factors that you need to keep in mind so that you know that you are choosing the right CCTV security camera system for your premises. The first thing you should consider is whether you want an indoor or an outdoor CCTV security camera system. If you want to have your system installed outside, you should think of things like the mounting or housing of the security camera. Choose a security camera that can withstand harsh weather conditions if you install your security camera system outside. You should also think about the area of coverage that you want from your security CCTV camera system. You may need more cameras to cover large areas as compared to covering just a small area. The lighting conditions of your premises are also something you should think about when choosing a security CCTV camera. Find a model that works well with your environment lighting conditions. For better clarity, you can use IR filters and artificial illuminators. Choose CCTV security cameras that have a high resolution for large spaces to improve the clarity. 

What is the difference between analogue and IP CCTV SECURITY SYSTEMS?

Analogue security cameras are some of the most common surveillance security systems in the market today. They are also options that are quite affordable. Analogue security cameras depend on CCTV surveillance software to function. The analogue security camera will be connected to a computer monitor via transmission cables. It is through these cables that visual data will be relayed from the security camera to the mainframe. One the mainframe gets the video, it compresses it and stores it in the hard drive. Many DVRs can make a conversion of the raw film into digital footage and have it streamed on the internet. For analogue systems, all the programming occurs in the DVR.

For IP systems on the other hand have processing capabilities built into each security camera. They compress their own videos and convert them into a digital format that can be streamed online. There are also more storage options when it comes to security IP CCTV systems. Some come with SD cards while others also come with network video recorder (NVR) ready meaning you can stream the video directly to your smart devices.

Where is the footage stored and how do I access the footage?

For IP CCTV systems, the footage is stored in the DVR/NVR. If you do not have this option, then then you can record the videos on your computer or upload the footage to a server or a cloud. Another storage alterative would be an SD card of security cameras that are standalone. If you want to view footage on your phone, then find a user friendly security camera viewer. You will need to download camera software to access your footage. If your footage is stored in DVR/NVR of in an SD card, launch the security camera software and log in to your camera device. Click on the ‘playback’ button to watch.

Why choose us?

Our commitment at Core Tech Security is to provide the best quality systems and installations, along with our drive and passion for security, which means we go the extra mile for our customers and strive for excellence in all we do. Customer satisfaction and loyalty in a technology-driven world underpin our values. Industry-leading brands and local Perth based suppliers ensure you are receiving quality products. We want to stay ahead of the next innovation by doing our research and offering unrivaled solutions that continuously improve. Core Tech Security is a trusted security provider in Perth and its surroundings. We provide CCTV Security Cameras Installation, Alarm System Installation, Wireless Security Solutions, and Intercom System Installation.


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