Home Alarm Systems Perth. Are they worth the investment?

Burglary is something that is a constant threat to all of us and whether it is for your business premises or for your home, a home alarm system is very essential to keeping your space secure. Based on surveys that have been done on burglars, you are less at risk of burglary if you have installed a well maintained and well fitted home alarm system. This means that having a home alarm system is really worth the investment. The best home alarm system for you will be based on what you want and what you prefer. You have decided to get a home alarm system installed in perthand you are wondering, what types of home alarm systems are available? Well, if you are looking for a solution in Perth, Core Tech Security is the best place to be as we offer efficient alarm systems that will work perfectly for your home or office premises.

We use trusted brands like Risco, DSC, Hills, Bosch,

Monitored Alarm Systems Perth

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A monitored alarm system refers to a system that has a professional home security company monitoring it actively. One of the benefits of having a monitored alarm system is that you do not have to monitor your security system yourself when you’re away from home. Another benefit to these systems is that in some cases there are responders who will come to your aid should your alarm system go off.

How Do Monitored AlarmSystems Work?

Alarm monitoring means that there is a connection to your home alarm system in perthand your home security company. When there is an intrusion and the alarm system detects it, the security team from the security company is notified when the alarm system sends a signal to the central monitoring station. Emergency responders are sent to your premises to make sure everything is secure. Though the technical aspects of the monitored security alarm system may be different, the basics are the same. There will be a control panel for the system, which will have a network of sensors. These may including smoke sensors, motion sensors, window and door sensors and even flood sensors. If any of the sensors you have is triggered, then the alarm goes off and a signal is sent to the security team.

Wired Home Alarm Systems Perth

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Technology has brought with it some modern wireless home alarm systems, but the old school wired home alarm systems are still effective and remain quite popular. Wireless home alarm systems can use mediums like Bluetooth to function, but the wired home alarm systems use wiring that goes through your house in the walls of the building. Sensors are placed within the wiring so that if there is any motion that may trigger the sensor, a signal will be transmitted through the wired system to notify you of an intrusion. Wired home alarm systems may be a bit tedious and time-consuming to install, but they have their benefits. One is that they are easy to maintain. The systems and wiring that is done throughout the house can be modified and different components interchanged if there is the need to modify something. Their alarm systems are also more reliable. Wireless systems may face the challenges of the strength of signals being interfered with as it goes through walls, objects, and even doors around the house. Other frequencies can also interfere with a wireless signal. For a wired alarm system, however, these problems will not be there.

Wireless Home Alarm Systems Perth

Wireless home alarm systems are systems that have some modern features that make them really easy to install and maintain. When only wired alarm systems were available, connecting the sensors, cameras and the control system needed a technician to go through walls installing the wiring then patching things up to hide all the wires in the walls. Wireless home alarm systems have eliminated all that and made keeping your home safe using alarm systems so much easier. There are so many advantages of home wireless alarm systems. They are easy to install and uninstall, they are easy to upgrade, they are renter-friendly, they are affordable and they are compatible with smart home integration. There are different Wi-Fi and cellular communication options that come with wireless home alarm systems. In the case of a power outage, these systems can use batteries as a back-up which means even when the power goes off you can still use them. Wireless home alarm systems can even be combined with wired home alarm systems to create an up-to-date system that will definitely keep your home or business premises secure.

Dummy Home Alarm Systems

You may want to have the security system at your home improved but you just don’t have enough cash to get a security camera installation or a home alarm system installed in Perth, and you’re probably wondering what is an affordable way to keep your home more secure. Well, a dummy alarm system installation would be the best way to do this, at an affordable price. A dummy alarm system is more or less a fake alarm system. It looks just like a security alarm but it doesn’t emit siren sounds like an alarm would. Place your dummy alarm box in a place that is convenient around your home or at possible entry points that a burglar would try to access. This could be either next to windows, at the front door, or even near your garden gate or garage door. The point of having a dummy alarm box is to deter burglars who are trying to get into your home. It does this by flashing LED security lights which make it look like it’s an alarm about to go off, just that there will be no siren. To get any potential burglars sold on the fact that you have a real security alarm system, add stickers to different parts of your home indicating that you have installed a security alarm system.

We recommend only installing functional security systems as dummy systems offer very low effectiveness in deterring or protecting you against intruders or property damage.

Core Tech Security

If you are in Perth looking for alarm systems that will improve the security of your home and let you sleep in peace knowing your premises are secure, visit Core Tech Security for some of the best systems in the market.


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