Home Intercom: A Powerful Tool to Manage Your Home Security

If you think that home intercom are only meant for tall buildings and corporate infrastructure, then you are thinking in the wrong way. Nowadays, every smart home is equipped with home intercoms and is proving to be helpful in many ways.

What Are Home Intercoms?

Home intercoms serve as an extra layer of security. It is mainly planted at the gate, barrier, and front door. It involves a two-way communication system that enables homeowners to interact with a visitor. The best part is that you do not have to open the door since it can easily be integrated into your door locking system. This is particularly beneficial for those who live alone in their house and need to communicate with many outsiders.

As discussed before, most smart homes are equipped with an intercom system and empower you to manage your home security.

Know the Types

You will find different versions of home intercoms that can be classified based on how they are connected. Some of the types of home intercoms are assembled below;


Those intercoms that are hardwired into your home need further optimization, which is cheaper than home intercoms.


Few home intercoms are operated without hardwiring; they are typically known as wireless home intercoms. As the name implies, it does not require to be connected with a wire, and it mainly works on radio frequency, data or WiFi. Since it skips the trouble of wiring, therefore it is much easier to install.

Mobile Operated

Due to the advancement of mobile, you can control your home intercoms with your smartphone. Your smartphone can be used for answering and remote viewing. 

Current Operated

It is a type of home intercom system that uses the current electrical system to generate radio signals required to build effective communication.

Control Remotely

The ability to control who is present at your property and know from any part of the world using your smartphone is like a cherry on the top. It allows you to be able to observe an unknown person at your door, monitor their activities, interact with them and decide whether you should allow them to access your home. It gives you a way to determine whether the person is trustworthy or not. This feature helps you prevent missing parcels and deliveries and provides the power to control your property.

Restrict Crime Offence

A home intercom system can help to limit criminal offenses. Every burglar or criminal tends to carry out their illegal activities without being noticed. Therefore, they like to prefer other homes that are not so equipped with top-notch quality security systems.

Improved Security

When you can spot the visitors before opening the door or allowing people into your home, you feel secure and make your home properties safe. Besides, implementing a video intercom will double the level of home security that will help monitor any criminal affairs on camera and be used as circumstantial evidence.

Multiply Home Aesthetics

A top-notch home security system can help you to enhance the aesthetics of your property. CCTV cameras in Perth can make your home more secure, and CCTV cameras allow homeowners to protect their houses cheaply.

Gives Peace of Mind

Try to know which intercom system can provide you with peace of mind. Whether you are insecure about your family members or feel uncomfortable after answering the call from the door, especially during the night, or are constantly obsessed about your home security during your family vacation. Having a home security system helps you to inform who has accessed your home without your consent.


Home intercoms are the last level of convenience. The majority of the people have to drop. It can be pretty challenging and not always easy, particularly if you’re carrying out your activities from your home, looking after your kids, or a huge property with several floors. Providing feedback to the visitors from any point in your home without actually reaching them is an incredible benefit and makes your lifestyle much happier.

Join With Security System

Home intercoms have the required feature that can be easily embedded with your entire home security system. This generally means that you can control the whole massive home with the help of a single control system and also save you from spending your money on another new system.

Bottom line

You can meet with one of the home watch teams, and they will be able to guide you to choose the best type of home intercom that will help serve your needs and requirements. Choose the best home security accessories according to your lifestyle and how you plan to utilize your intercom system. You can contact Coretech Security for implementing a home security system in your home. They are a genuine supplier of home intercoms, alarm system accessories, and CCTV camera systems in Perth.


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