Home Security Alarms in Perth: Four Types You Must Know

Do you know that a home without a home alarm security system is more likely to be targeted by burglars? Yes, that’s right! If your home has no security system installed, chances are that in your absence your house can be targeted by burglars in your region.

So, it is of the utmost importance to install a house alarm system on your property in Perth. This will give you peace of mind when you are away from your home for work or vacation. Also, if you have kids or elderly living with you, having a house security system will enhance their safety too. So, make sure that you get a house alarm system installed on your property right away.

If you have already been looking for house alarm systems on the Internet, you might be overwhelmed with so many options, brands, and types available. It can get quite confusing to find the right type of house alarm system for your home.

However, all the house alarm systems available on the market will generally fall under the following four types. You also need to know that not every type of house alarm system will suit all types of property. So, after knowing the types, features, pros, and cons, you need to decide which type of house alarm fits your home perfectly.

So, let’s get started about types of house alarm systems.

  • Wired Alarm Systems

As the name suggests, these house alarm systems will have all their components connected using wires. The system will be wired in your building. Components like control panels, sensors, detectors will be hard-wired in the building.

In a wired alarm system, the system components will be connected to the power supply of your property. The best thing about wired alarm systems is that you don’t have to worry about power or batteries running out. The system will be constantly powered by an electrical supply from the mains.

However, the drawback of using wired alarm systems is that it has difficult and complicated installation. The wires will run across your walls and ceiling. Sometimes, you might have to break down a wall to install the wired alarm system. So, the installation of this system becomes expensive.

The biggest misconception associated with a wired alarm systemis that they don’t provide the same accessibility as a wireless system. But such is not the case! Wired systems also provide the same accessibility options.

If you have a larger residential property, you can choose a wired alarm system. This system is also more secure as it is difficult to hack into. This system gives you enhanced security.

  • Wireless Alarm Systems

As the name suggests, these alarm systems don’t have any wired connections, instead, they are connected via the radio frequency. All the sensors and alarms are connected to the control panel. If a sensor tripped, it would send a signal to the control panel. The control panel will send a signal to the alarm, and it will sound the property signalling you about the breach of security.

Although, there is not much hassle of wires in these systems, the major drawback is that the sensors, alarms, and control panels need to be installed in each other’s vicinity. This will enhance the communication between different components. If there is too much distance between these components, the signal won’t be transferred easily.

Amongst all the home security alarms, wireless alarms are the easiest to install on a property. If you have a smaller property, wireless house alarm systems will be the best choice for you.

  • Unmonitored Alarm Systems

In an unmonitored alarm system, a professional security team is not overlooking the security. Hence, there will be no one to respond to the threat immediately. An unmonitored system will just give you a signal, visual,or trigger signal. If there is anyone in the vicinity listening to these signals, it is on them to respond to the security breach.

The system will also send you a signal on your mobile application, it is on you if you want to respond to the security threat. Since the response to a security threat is based on an individual’s conviction, an unmonitored alarm system provides reduced security to your property.

However, if you are on a budget and need a basic security system for your home, an unmonitored system might be a good choice.

  • Monitored Alarm Systems

Unlike unmonitored alarm systems, monitored alarm systems are supervised by a professional security team. When an alarm is triggered, the signal is sent to the security team. The team will respond to the alarm, respectively.

If there is a fire alarm, they will call the fire department. If your house has been broken into, they will call the police to look. If your security system gives you a false alarm, they will know how to handle the situation. 

With monitored alarm systems, you always have someone keeping eye on your property. If you stay away from your home for long due to business reasons, having a monitored alarm system will be advantageous. You will always have peace of mind that someone is keeping an eye out for you in your home.

So, to get added security for your property, get monitored alarm systems now.

These are the four types of home alarm systems you can find on the market in Perth. Based on your requirement and budget, you can choose the type of alarm system for your property.

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We not only provide house alarm systems, but we also offer CCTVC systems, intercom system installation, and wireless system installation services. So, get your home secure with the best home alarm system on the market and our top-notch installation services.

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