Home Security Systems Perth Checklist

Being the holiday season, it is important not to forget about your home security. If you’re heading away on holiday or vacation this year this checklist will help your general home security in Perth.

–          Check all windows are locked

A burglar is highly likely to break into your home if there is a window open and they know that you are away. Some of the possible entrance points for burglars seeking to get access to your house are Windows. Recheck the windows when you go to sleep or while you are away from the house like when going on holiday or vacation to ensure that they are closed. If any window is damaged, promptly replace it and install a bolt. You may also enhance the protection of your windows by attaching security locks. 

–          Check all doors are locked

A door that is open literally welcomes a robbery. Check all of the doors, and if you are going out, keep them closed. When you lock the front door, ensure to have the back doors locked as well. These are the areas where burglars would most likely seek to enter your house. Adding a peephole over your front door is another perfect way to boost your security. This would make it easy for you to see who is trying to enter your home and if it is a possible burglar.

–          Check garage door is locked

One of the most missed doors in the house is the garage door and burglars are aware of this, which is why they would want to attempt to get in through the garage door. You should ensure that your garage door is tested frequently and that its well maintained to make it sturdy enough to keep burglars out. If you find that you have a defective door, quickly repair this to make sure the garage door is secure. 

–          Keep up garden maintenance whilst away

A burglar would often want to buy a suitable place to hide or a hidden way to break into your house. Overgrown shrubs in your garden give them these chances to conceal because they can use the shrubs to shield themselves from you and the neighbours. To get rid of these possible hiding spots, periodically cut the shrubs.

–          Install Security Lighting

A well-lit property can discourage burglars from attempting to break into your house. Many of the possible escape zones for burglars are places that are not well illuminated in your house. Lights are efficient ways to keep burglars off and it would be much easier for you to add motion sensing safety lights. Motion detecting security lights often assist you to notice whether an invader is attempting to enter your home and when there is movement, they are activated and they come on.

–          Install monitored home security systems Perth

One way that would most certainly boost your home’s protection is a CCTV camera system installed at home. Installing a CCTV surveillance device for your house will help prevent burglars from entering into your home.

–          Install a monitored home alarm system

One of the effective methods that you can increase the protection of your house is to get an alarm system which works. Alarm devices frighten suspected burglars away and discourage them from attempting to break into your house. For a house, warning devices will have an activation device with a motion sensor. This sensor is activated when there is movement, which ensures that if an intruder is running through your house, the alarm will go off. Be sure you have a durable, effective alarm system that can be heard well.

–          If you have smart lighting set a timer

By frightening off a burglar, automated light timing switches help boost your home security systems Perth. These automatic light switches can give the appearance that you are home and can help keep burglars away while you are away from home.

–          Ask a trusted neighbour to watch over your property while your away

Watching out for each other in your community is a great asset, having decent neighbours is a wonderful thing. Great neighbours will alert you and help you keep watch if there is any unusual activity near your home. For the protection of your own house, knowing your neighbours and partnering with them to keep the community safe and secure is vital. You can have one you trust have a spare key to your home.

–          Keep valuables locked in a safe

A safe is often a smart option, particularly if you have incredibly important things that you wouldn’t like losing to burglars. The best way to protect and secure your things is to store them in an area that is not easy to access, and the right place for this is simply a safety box or a security safe. 

–          Don’t leave a hidden key on the property

If you hide the key underneath the mat in your home, then you just make it easy for the burglars to act since that’s the first place they’re going to search. You should leave it with a trustworthy neighbour or a friend if you need to keep a spare key available. Just be sure that if anyone occupied the house you are living in prior to you, rekey the property so the door locks can still be open to them. It’s much cheaper to rekey than to replace all the locks.

–          Install security signage to warn off burglars

Alarm stickers let possible intruders know that in your house, you have a security system fully operational. Alarm stickers will serve as an effective deterrent to secure your home and domestic objects from possible burglars, whether or not your surveillance device contains home security systems Perth. These basic stickers are an alert to would-be robbers that if they want to break into your house, they will set off an alarm.



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