How to Design the Right Security Systems Perth

Even though most security companies will offer a CCTV system package or Alarm system package customising a security system that is specific to your home or business will provide a higher level of security overall. There are different types of systems and equipment designed to protect specific areas of your home for example doors and windows. This article will guide you through the most important aspect of any home security system.

There’s more to consider than just cost

It can be tempting to only consider cost when looking to install a security system on your property. If a security system isn’t effective it may as well not be there. This means that other than cost, you should also consider overall system design and long term benefits of the security system. Carry out some research on what you want to install and check out some product reviews to help make your decision. It is essential that you get the right security systems Perth that effectively ensure that your premises are secure.

Door Protection and Security Systems

security systems Perth

Your system will be largely dependent on the number of doors your property has, including the door to the garage. You should count the number of door entry points to your home and consider installing a security device to monitor these doors. You should also look at the doors that are accessible from outside because those are the doors where break-ins are more likely to happen. Installing a shock and reed sensor is one of the first steps in improving your security. These sensors are an important part of security systems Perth since they let you know when the door has been left open. A Magnetic Reed Switch is another fundamental component that can offer an alternative to shock sensors. The reed switch senses when a door is left open. They are installed by having switches or magnets on covers so that when removed, the alarm is triggered. A security camera is also a way to boost your security systems Perth. They keep off potential burglars and record all suspicious activities outside your property that you can follow up on. 

Window Protection and Security Systems

Sliding and opening windows can be an easy entry point to any home and its worth considering installing a security device to monitor the window and alert you or deter intruders. A magnetic reed switch is not only useful in signalling when the doors are open, but also windows. Shock sensors can also be used on windows to improve security. A shock sensor will detect shockwaves that come from the window movement, becomes activated and will set off an alarm to let you know a window is being broken into. To complement the shock sensors, you can also add a glass break sensor. This is a device that monitors vibration or sound and triggers an alarm whenever there are shock waves that are synonymous with breaking or shattering glass. The benefit of having the glass break sensors is that you can always keep them on, whereas the shock sensors are turned off when there are people in the home using those particular windows or doors. Count the number of windows around your property and consider installing a security device to monitor the window entry point. This will help you keep track of the security situation on your property.

Internal Protection Security Systems

A motion sensing PIR detector is suitable for internal open living areas, hallways, bedrooms and laundry/ garage areas.  The motion sensing PIR detectors only get triggered when an intruder enters the house whereas a perimeter detector such as a Door Reed or Shock sensor will trigger before the intruder gets inside the property. Motion Detectors PIR’s are the most cost effective way of establishing a functional alarm system. Consider if you need pet sensitive PIR’s as this will depend on the needs of your premises. Larger rooms may require two detectors to adequately cover the space.

Glass Break Sensors

In some situations motion detectors or door reeds may not be the right fit for your home, consider installing a glass break detector. The benefit of having a glass break sensor on your premises is that it can monitor several windows at once. Burglars have been able to get past window and door sensors in the past since they are much simpler to work around. A glass break sensor is however not as easy to get by using a system that detects the frequency of glass breaking and triggers an alarm. A glass break detector is a form of sensor that will detect if a glass is broken. They have a small microphone that will pick up vibrations or noise from shattering glass and are a great addition to your security systems Perth.

Keypads and ease of access

When designing your system, think about what doors you will be used as entry points to the property and ensure you have a keypad in this space for ease of arming and disarming. There are also other ways of arming and disarming alarm systems you may like to consider. An alarm keypad is one way of making access easy. It is a way to control the alarm system by making changes to the programme and by arming and disarming the system. A keypad can be accessed on a touchscreen panel or used to control a hardwired system. A key fob is another component of security systems Perth that is used as a remote control to disarm or arm your security system. The key fob may also have a panic button to turn on the alarm and notify the security company that there is a burglar trying to break in. Phone applications are another way to keep track of the security situation on your premises. These apps help you view security cameras at the convenience of your phone. Another way that you can ease access is through a proximity tag. This is a device that you can move around with that can turn the alarm off or on without needing to input a user code.


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