Moving to a new home? Don’t forget about your Security

Moving to a new home is always exciting as much as it is tedious. There is so much preparation that goes into the moving process that you may forget to pay attention to the security of your new home, especially in the confusion that comes with being in a new environment. Burglars know this and they take advantage of new home owner’s right after they have moved in. Nobody wants to lose their belongings just after they have moved into a new space and this is why you should have a home security system as one of your top priorities. Here are some ways you can secure your new home.

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Think about changing the locks

The person who loved in the house before you may have keys that can access the door. Regardless of the situation, one of the first things you should do after moving into a new home is to change the locks to the doors. If you prefer not to change the locks, then make sure you rekey the locks which means that you change out the internal parts of the locks to fit in a new key. When you change the locks, make sure you have a spare key that you can give to someone you trust.

Ensure your windows are secure

Windows are some of the entry hot spots for burglars. They make some of the most common places that burglars get into homes mainly because people keep forgetting to close their windows. When you are away from your new home or sleeping, make sure that you leave the windows locked. You can also reinforce the security of your windows by adding grills and bars to prevent break-ins from happening through the window. You should also have curtains on your windows so that burglars do not see what is inside your house.

Invest in a security camera installation perth

core tech security camera

Before you even move your belongings to the new place, you should set up a CCTV security system to make it more secure. There are a variety of CCTV security camera systems that are offered here at Core Tech Security that will work perfectly for your security needs. Having a CCTV security system installed will help you monitor the activities in and around your home and it will help you spot any suspicious activity. The sight of a CCTV security system will also deter burglars from trying to come into your home.

If installing a Security camera installation in Perth only consider trusted brands like Hikvision, DahuaUniview, Milesite, Honeywell, and Risco View Point

If your new home has an existing CCTV security system consider getting this serviced

The house you move into might have a CCTV security system already installed but the system does not work efficiently. You should check the CCTV security system immediately you get the house to make sure it is working and if it is not, get it serviced or repaired.

Install a home alarm system perth

When you move to a new home, there are home security providers like Core Tech Security can provide you with some alarm systems in perth that will improve your home security. Home alarm systems in perth are so beneficial when you have just moved to a new house as they will notify you when there is an intruder trying to access your home. The sight of an home alarm system in perth will also scare away potential burglars who might be thinking of striking your home. If installing a home alarm system in perth only concider market leading trusted brands like Risco, DSC, Hills, Bosch.

Ensure your Garage door is secure

The garage door is one of target entry points for a burglar. Keeping the garage door locked and secure will significantly improve the security of your home. Assess the condition of the garage door before you move in to make sure that it is strong and cannot be easily broken into. Check the hinges to make sure they are in good condition and take any door upgrades that may be required.

Check side access gates are locked

You may have locked up the front gate to your new home, but if you left the side doors open then you are not very secure. You should check the side gates to make sure they are locked and a burglar cannot access your home from there. If your side access gates do not have locks, install locks to keep your home safe.

Cut large bushes or gardens to prevent people hiding

Burglars have an easy time breaking into your home if there are hiding places around the home. Large bushes and shrubs are some of the best places for a burglar to hide. Do not let burglars have an easy time getting intoyour home by having an unkempt home or overgrown shrubs all over. Cut all the large bushes to keep your home exterior neat, and to keep burglars away.

Check garden sheds are locked


The garden shed might be one of the places a burglar would think of hiding in, especially if it is some distance away from your house. Do not give your intruder an easy time by not locking your garden shed. Make sure that you properly lock the garden sheds to be safe.

Check perimeter fence is secure and has no damage

A perimeter fence around your home is one of the best ways to improve the security of you home. However, this will only work if the fence is actually a good fence that is secure and that has no damage. Gaps in your fence are possible entry points for burglars to get into your home so check the fence around your home regularly to make sure that is does not have any damage.

Say hi to your neighbours

When you move to a new home, get to know your neighbours. Visit them and chat to them by introducing yourself. Make some new friends around the new neighbourhood because this will let them know that you are the new owner of the home and should there be any suspicious activity around your home, they will inform you. It will also be able to spot someone who is not part of the community easily if you know who your neighbours are.

Don’t let burglars ruin the exciting experience of moving into a new home. Keep your home secure using the above tips and you will be one happy home owner.


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