Security Tips from Core Tech Security based in Perth WA

Core Tech Security is Perth’s most trusted Security Alarm and CCTV System installer. Your residential and commercial security is our number one priority, that’s why we have put together some security tips for you below making you feel safer and more comfortable in your home or workplace. 

Tip #1: Install an alarm system Perth

Having an alarm system in Perth that works is one I’d the best ways you can improve the security of your home. Home alarm systems scare off potential burglars and prevent them from trying to break into your home. Home alarm systems for a home will have an activation system that has a motion sensor. This sensor gets triggered when there is movement which means the alarm will go off if there is an intruder moving around your home.  Make sure that you get an alarm system that is durable, accurate and has a siren that can be heard properly. At Core Tech Security, we offer some of the best quality security alarms that will he’ll you keep your home safe and secure. Some of the brands we use are Risco, DSC, Hills, Bosch.

Tip #2: Check your windows

Windows are some of the potential entry points for burglars trying to get access to your home. Before you sleep or when you are away from your home, make sure you check the windows to confirm that they are locked. If there is any window that is broken, replace it immediately and add a lock. You can also reinforce the security of your windows by adding rims to them.

Tip #3: Check your entry doors

An open door us practically an invitation to a burglar. Check all your doors and keep then locked when you are away. Even as you check the front door, remember to also keep the back doors closed are these are the places burglars will most likely try to access your home through. Another great way to improve your security is to add a peephole to your front door. This will help you see who is trying to access your home and it makes it easier to spot whether it is a potential burglars.

Tip #4: Check your garage door

The garage door is one of the most overlooked doors in the home and burglars know this, which is why they keep trying to break in through the garage door. You should make sure that you regularly check your garage door for repairs and maintain your garage door properly so as to keep it strong enough to keep burglars out. If you find out that you may have a hollow door, get a replacement immediately and make sure that the garage door is secure. Check the hinges and make sure that the garage door has a solid core to make it secure.

Tip #5: Join your local neighbourhood watch

Neighbours can be a great asset to keeping your hike safe and secure. Make sure that you get to know your neighbours so that you can look out for each other. Good neighbours will alert you when there is suspicious activity going in around your home and will help you keep an eye out for potential burglars. Join your local neighbourhood watch and work with your neighbours to keep your home safe and secure.

Tip #6: Join your local Facebook area or suburb support page

Support pages are beneficial in that, they give you a perspective that you may not have had before. Joining your local Facebook area page will help you get to know your neighbours which means that you can work together to improve the security in your area. Another benefit is that you can share tips on how you can make your home secure. Support pages help you learn something new, as you also share something that may be new to the rest of the people in the page.

Tip #7: Consider installing security lights

A Street that is well lit will deter burglars from trying to get into your home. Areas that are not well lit around your home are some of the potential hiding areas for burglars. Lights are effective ways to keep burglars off and installing motion sensing security lights will work for you even better. Motion sensing security lights also help you notice when there is an intruder trying to access yiu home because they come on when they are triggered by movement. Place lights in strategic areas around your home to keep it secure.

Tip #8: Invest in your residential or commercial security

You can come up with measures that will improve the security of the neighbourhood as a whole, for example by investing in street lights. Working with your neighbours to improve the security of your home and those around you will be of significant benefit to all of you.

Tip #9: Install Security Cameras

A CCTV camera in and around your home is one way that will most definitely improve the security of your home. Getting a CCTV security camera system installed for your home will deter burglars from coming to your home just be the sight of it. Based on surveys, burglary are far much less likely to break into homes that have a CCTV security system installed in them. You should invest in a high quality security camera and get it installed properly for better efficiency. Core Tech Security has some CCTV security camera systems that will help you deter burglars as well as offer you the security you need for your home.

Tip #10: Panic alarms

 Panic alarms are alarm systems that are specifically designed to keep you safe when you’re in the house. For panic alarms, wireless panic buttons are installed in different parts of the house to secure the home. There is a transmission unit connected to a siren that will notify someone else like the neighbours that you are in distress. A signal is also sent to the control centre and emergency responders will come to your home. You may have seen panic alarms get used in banks on TV during robbery scenes.



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