Tips for maintaining your security camera system

Your security camera system is a vital component of your overall security system and it needs to be functioning properly to ensure that your premises is safe and secure. Getting a security camera systems Perth is an investment that is definitely worth it in the long run. However, there is need to ensure that after installation, the security camera system is in good condition and it is properly maintained. You can get some quality CCTV cameras from Core Tech Security Perth and after that, here are some of the tips that you can follow to maintain your CCTV Camera Perth
1. Carrying out inspections

The first step to maintaining your security camera system is to make sure that you inspect the system. The essence of this is to find out where there may be damage in the camera system and other signs of a break down such as broken cables, dirty lenses, loose connections, and electrical surges. The power supplies, connections and hard drives can also be inspected to see whether they are functioning properly.
2. Cleaning camera lenses regularly

You need clear images out of your security camera system and the best way to ensure they stay quality is to regularly clean out the lenses. Lenses that are dorty do not produce clear and quality images especially for night vision cameras. From time to time, check whether the CCTV cameras have smudges, dust or spots of water on them and clean them out.
3. Replace broken pieces

Regukar checks on your security camera system will help you identify any broken pieces that may be incurred on the camera. Get parts to replace the ones that are broken and if possible, it is best to get the replacement parts from the manufacturer from whom you purchased the security system to make sure that the parts are of a high quality.
4. Clip and trim the landscaping

Looking at the exterior landscaping helps you make sure that your camera has a view that is not blocked by other things. Getting an unobstructed view helps boost the security of your premises because you can clearly see what is happening. When you find that there are things growing around the location of your camera such as foliage, trees, bushes and vines, trim them to get a clearer view. You can also eliminate nests that may have been set up by birds, bees or squirrels around your CCTV camera Perth so that they do not block your view.
5. Check to ensure the cables are connected securely

Most times when a CCTV camera stops working, the problem is in the cable connection. Check all cable links and connections to ensure that they are properly connected and that there is no wear and tear on them. The cables you should have a look out for are the cables that are connected to the Camera system itself, the cables connected to power sources, to the monitor and to the DVR. At Core Tech Security Perth, we help you install cables properly which makes maintaining then easier.
6. Get rid of the dust that has accumulated

Dust is prone to accumulate on any surface over time. When it comes to a security camera system, dust may affect the performance of a CCTV if it is allowed to accumulate on the equipment. Use a soft cloth like a microfiber to wipe off the dust on the equipment or on the NVR/DVR. You can also blow out the dust that accumulated within the cervices of equipment using compressed air. It is not recommended to take out DVR/NVR enclosures to get the dust off. You can instead wipe off the dust on the surface regularly.
7. Do an examination of the power supplies

Power supplies may be tampered with and as a result affect the functioning of your CCTV camera. The power supplies may be altered by storms, brownout, power surges, animals, human tampering or other reasons. Make sure that the battery that provides power to your camera security system is charged and that there is a backup for power supply. There are some warning lights that flash when your camera is running low on battery. To confirm whether your CCTV camera is getting power, you may use a voltmeter to make sure that the camera system is not receiving either too much or too little power that may harm it. It is easier and less costly to make a replacement for a power supply that is faulty than to make a replacement for an entire security camera system.
8. Verify the position of CCTV cameras

Checking the positioning of your CCTV camera Perth will help you determine whether they are facing the right place. You should look at the setup and the position of the camera to ensure that it is keeping the areas you need secured safe and that your security needs are being met. While at it, ensure that the camera is secure in place and not moving around to make sure that you get quality images and videos.
9. Verify the recording and lighting

A CCTV camera Perth is not very useful if it is not recording. Check your cameras to make sure they are recording properly to avoid a situation where important footage might not be available. If there is interrupted recording or lagging in recording, have a look at the camera system to find out which component is not working properly. This might even be an indication of a security breach on the system. You should also confirm that the lighting round the camera is good enough to provide clearly detailed images.
10. Check the camera housing

After purchasing any CCTV camera systems Perth, you will need a place to house the camera, especially if it is outdoors. During maintenance, you should also have a look at the housing area for your camera to ensure that it is conducive for the camera. If there is dust or signs or water, you should immediately clean it out to ensure that the camera does not get damaged.


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