Types of Alarm Systems Perth

If you have a well-maintained and properly installed burglar alarm system, you are much less at threat of burglary. This implies that it is always worth the cost to get an alarm system. Depending on what you want – and you prefer, you can get the right alarm device for you. There are four alarm systems Perth from which to consider when installing an alarm system in Perth. There are advantages and disadvantages to each sort of alarm system, and with large estates, no single solution would do.

Wireless Alarm System

Wireless security alarm system enables you to mount your device without any wires and to link to a monitoring station. A fully wireless device is simpler to set up, unlike hardwired monitoring networks with a landline connection and internal house wiring. It is possible to mount the motion sensors, control panel, and window or door sensors to house walls or position them on flat surfaces.


  • Their modern features make them easy to install and handle.
  • They are easy to upgrade.
  • They are renter-friendly.
  • They are affordable and the installation time is shorter.
  • They are mostly compatible with smart home integration.


  • The strength of signals can be interfered with as it goes through objects, doors, and walls around the house.
  • There is a limited range for the sensors.

Best applications for Wireless Alarm Systems Perth

Wireless alarm systems are best suited for small businesses and for residential properties.

Hard Wired Alarm System

Hard wired alarm systems Perth include a 4 core 100% copper cable that runs from the alarm security panel to the detector, for example, alarm system PIR or Alarm system Keypad


  • It’s is easy to maintain them.
  • There is a wider range of detectors and sensors.
  • These alarm systems are also more reliable compared to wireless ones.


  • Wired alarm systems can be a little cumbersome and time-consuming to install.
  • Cables can be damaged in the roof space via rodents.

Best applications for Hard wired Alarm Systems Perth

In larger buildings, hard-wired alarm systems are better utilized. Distance is not a concern as control panels and sensors are linked via cables. Wired networks are often more difficult to breach, but they are also typically thought to be somewhat safer than wireless devices.

Monitored Alarm Systems

Alarm systems monitored by a monitoring station

A monitored alarm is where your alarm device and your home security provider have a connection. The support staff from the security firm is alerted when the security system sends a message to the central control station when an intruder happens to break in and the alarm system senses it. To make sure that all is safe, emergency services are sent to your premises. While there might be different technological features to a monitored security alarm system, the fundamentals are similar.

Alarm systems monitored by an integrated phone application

You can verify the status of your tracked security device from most security mobile applications and easily disarm or arm your system with a smartphone.  To watch live videos and store clips, some applications often link to other equipment, such as surveillance cameras. You will never worry if somebody is at your residence because your surveillance device senses motion and notifies you immediately with the mobile smartphone security software.


  • When you’re away from home, you don’t have to control your surveillance device on your own.
  • You don’t have to monitor your security system on your own if connected to a security service provider.
  • Once the warning system goes off, there are professionals who will rush to your assistance in certain situations.


  • You may be charged for a false alarm/
  • A contract or monthly fee may be required by the security provider company.

Best applications for Monitored Alarm Systems Perth

For individuals who are often away from homes or workplaces, monitored alarm systems are safest. You can feel protected even though you’re not there, trusting that your assets are already being watched by a professional. If you are looking for some extra protection, they’re also beneficial. It is advantageous for all buildings, commercial and residential, to have a monitored alarm system.

Unmonitored Alarm Systems

Unmonitored security systems range in devices that you can install or install yourself or with a specialist. They are also known as self-monitored alarm systems Perth. Hardware for these systems can vary widely between devices, but a control panel, sensors for doors and windows, motion sensors, glass-break sensors, sirens, and smoke detectors are common products. Some devices are compatible with smartphones, which means you can control the device from anywhere.


  • These systems are economical.
  • You do not have to pay for a monitoring plan.


  • No Backup. There are no safety professionals at the monitoring station waiting to come to your aid.
  • No Installation or equipment assistance.

Best applications for Unmonitored/ Self-monitored Alarm Systems Perth

Unmonitored alarm systems are best suited for individuals on a budget who do not want to incur high costs in installing an alarm system.

Protect Home & Business with fully installed alarm systems Perth from Core Tech Security

With Alarm systems that offer much more than a traditional alarm system feels in control even when you are not home. An easy-to-use smartphone app allows you to control the alarm system remotely and receive notifications regarding its status. A combination of the latest technology and powerful features will provide the highest level of security and comfort to your family or business. If you are searching for alarm systems Perth that will boost your home’s safety and make you sleep easy ensuring that your properties are secure, visit Core Tech Security for some of the finest systems available in Perth.


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